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Fear and Capitalism: the Trump Cabinet

So far Trump's cabinet appointments have two dominant characteristics: a fear induced reaction to terrorism, and unbridled capitalism. In the Defense Secretary, National Security Advisor, Attorney General and Head of the CIA we see displayed the fear that we are under constant and hidden attack. In the Secretary of State, and Secretaries of the Interior, Energy, Education and Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Treasury, Labor and the EPA we see unbridled capitalism, that everything can be turned into a profit or that government should provide very limited services to the citizenry, all of which should be guided by capitalism. We are missing a concern for our environment and community. What is our nature? Are we really only driven by fear of the outsider and hostility toward our neighbor whom we deem to be "other?" Or are there nobler motivations and tendencies within us? If we harbor within a humanity toward the "image of God" next to us, then such sentiments are becoming sentimentalities and fast disappearing from the American narrative and zeitgeist.

I believe we are better than we portray ourselves, and I know that we need to capture these nobler conditions of the human soul in our governmental vision, or they shall disappear and spiritually impoverish us all. This is the great risk of a Trump presidency: the dehumanization of the American soul.

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