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President Trump causes terror in the hearts of Federal workers: Those who cannot pay for food, make their rents, afford their cars, because of the politics of the moment. What a great symbol: Congress packs their bags and returns to warm and safe homes, their bills paid, leaving devoted workers in government to suffer. Meanwhile, real people, Federal workers, struggle day by day to afford necessities. And we, the tax payers, lose the benefits of weeks of paid work.

Trump is the master of government by destruction and terror. His supporters call him "a disrupter." Rather, he is a bomb thrower. He is perfect for the Republican Party that voted over 50 times to destroy the ACA (AKA: Obama Care) but in 7 years never formulated a replacement insurance to protect Americans' lives from illness, death or bankruptcy as a result of the natural process of living.

The solution? Build the world we seek from the bottom up. Become the opposite of cynical government in our day to day lives. Cause undeserved kindness to be our guide. Noblesse oblige must inspire us, even when that seems somewhat elitist. Give away more kindness. Create an atmosphere of hopefulness, and even when our governors and government are cruel, counter that with the superior wisdom of soul reaching out to soul. God expects no less: indeed for this we were created.

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