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She's Not the Type I Rape

Who has a "type" for rape? "She's not my type," Trump said in response to the allegation of rape, his first response to the allegation. "She's not my type."

Donald Trump has a type that he is willing to rape? And assumedly a type that does not qualify for him to consider raping? What the hell is he talking about, and why in the world are women not marching, picketing daily in Washington, D.C. that the POTUS speaks of women as his toys? Why do women vote for him? What kind of self respect must a woman have to vote for a man who personifies objectifying women as sex objects to be not only used but to be forced into sexual compliance ("And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything, grab'em by the p****y")

"They let you do it." That's what he said! This is not locker room men's chatter. This is a man obsessed by debasing women, ruining lives, controlling women he doesn't even know. To prove what? His power? His masculinity? His ability to hurt women?

My God, that the population is not revolted! That 38% or 40% of Americans do not vomit when they think of him, that actually admire him! What collective insanity has seized them? They don't believe the accusations? They would do the same themselves if they could?

What cruelty infests the hearts of these people that a man so demeaning to humanity, to women, to beauty, to holiness, to everything noble about existence in an often filthy world can be their choice as the most powerful man in America?

I am not even speaking of his policies. "She's not my type ... for rape." To what depravity have we descended, and for God's sake, why?

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