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Does FAIR matter? Does shame matter? Does hypocrisy matter?

Jonah Goldberg wrote a column this past week about the death of shame and hypocrisy. Turns out, civilization rests on established norms and values that civilized people observe. Without those, civilization collapses. So what? The answer is: without civilization, the powerful eat the weak; the criminals eat the innocent; and bullies are given free reign until stopped in their tracks.

So does it matter that the Republican Party will now persecute their former presidential candidate (Mitt Romney) for voting the truth: that the POTUS committed a crime? (Marco Rubio said the same after the vote, as did Lamar Alexander. Both said it didn't matter. Susan Collins, a woman who should feel so ashamed she would never show her face again, said "Trump has learned from this and won't do it again." My father used to say, "Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.")

Does it matter that the Whistleblower will be outed (illegal) and that those who did their constitutional duty to prosecute the President for his crimes will suffer from an unbridled President who has no scruples and is well known to attempt to punish anyone who crosses his desires?` IT ONLY MATTERS IF YOU WANT TO PREVENT CORRUPTION IN HIGH PLACES.

The Whistleblower statute exists to encourage those in the know to stop those who commit crimes and attempt to conceal their actions. Presidents were formerly prevented from influencing the courts because our nation was founded on an ideal of justice, and Presidents may use that influence to benefit themselves politically or prevent political harm. Turns out: ALL OF THIS MATTERS.

So now we find ourselves with a Republican Senate, unlike under Nixon, that thinks it's just fine for a U.S. President from their party to commit crimes against the American people, as long as they stay in power.

Yes, FAIR MATTERS; SHAME MATTERS, HYPOCRISY MATTERS: they are all parts of civilization enlisted to protect those who are weaker from unjustly suffering at the hands of the powerful.

Those protections are gone. And we will all suffer the consequences. shabbat shalom.

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